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Assesment :- Assessment is the integral part of all teaching and learning methods, as thorough understanding of students learning requires three components such as assessment, evaluation and reporting. Our schools have a goal of thorough and effective guiding of students through the five essential elements of learning such as acquisition of knowledge, understanding of concepts, asserting of skills, development of attitudes and decision to take action. The prime objective of assessment is to provide feedback of learning process to both the teacher and taught. Assessment is the gathering, recording and analysis of data about the student’s progress and achievements. Evaluation is the making of judgments and decisions based on the interpretation of accumulated data reporting and sharing of clear and accurate information with parents/ guardians, students and educators.

Pre-Assesment :- Pre-assessment in shape of weekly and monthly class tests will help the teacher determine flexible grouping patterns as well as which students are ready for advance instruction.

Formattive Assesment :- It is conducted to provide information that is used in order to plan the next stage in learning. It is interwoven learning and helps teachers and students to find out what the student already knows and can do. Formative assessment and teaching are directly linked and function purposefully together. Formative assessment aims to promote learning by giving regular and frequent feedback.

Summative Assesment :- Summative assessment is the culmination of the teaching and learning process and gives the students opportunity to demonstrate what has been learnt. It measures understanding of the concept and central idea and promote students towards action.

Effective Assesment, Evaluation And Reporting :- The assessment and evaluation of students learning is intended to inform and ensure effective improvement only. The achievements in both curricular and co-curricular activities are reflected in progress card. The attendance and achievements are also shared with the parents.

Our Project :- The project offers the highly satisfactory, most promising, profitable and best rewarding opportunity from individual proprietary entrepreneurs, stake holders, especially women entrepreneurs, educational institutions, societies and organizations who dream to offer world class education at affordable cost to children with an aviation to be a part of India’s fastest growing leading educational network, to make a difference for the society and sincerely towards the noble profession, providing high quality education. Application forms are invited from interested parties from the unrepresented areas of the country, to come forward and start an internationally reputed, branded, high profile English medium school in their locality and strengthen the hands of Indian civilization to groom.

Our offer of Association :- “XAVIER’S COUNCIL OF INDIA” offers a lucrative franchisee of “ST. XAVIER’S PUBLIC SCHOOL” and “ST. MARY’S PUBLIC SCHOOL”, to establishing a school with a popular brand name and a unique educational system, offering international standard of learning programs, starting from Montessori-classes to Standard-X. The Standard-X and XI wing of the schooling is named as “ST. XAVIER’S COLLEGIATE SCHOOL” and “ST. MARY’S COLLEGIATE SCHOOL” simultaneously. An excellent business model of India’s fastest growing network of English medium schools, create an opportunity to enter the world of edupreneurship and gets you ensured of a promising and successful future by joining and being a part of its propaganda. The senior educators, education industry experts has developed a highly satisfactory, rewarding and an affordable franchise model offering unmatched features with easy and transparent franchise system. Franchisee proposals are invited from trusts, societies, proprietary farms and any other registered organizations with a sound investment capability, having adequate land as per the requirements.

The Framework Of Our Association :

Established Brand name :- The group of “ST. XAVIER’S PUBLIC SCHOOL”S and “ST. MARY’S PUBLIC SCHOOL”S are the most reputed and fastest growing concept of higher secondary schools in India.

Our Presence :- The organization has also proved the presence of its elegant network, well spread in each corner of the world. According to a survey report, we represent our candidature in every 10-schools of the world.

Research based organization and curriculum :- “XAVIER’S COUNCIL OF INDIA” ™ has a unique, in-house school system and curriculum, developed on the basis of research and experience of eminent educationists of the country.

Proven success and promising future :- We follow a determined and successful franchisee model.

Academic success :- Our feeder schools witness 30% more regular admission of children, in comparison of all other leading schools.

Exclusive Territory :- We offer complete support in site selection, to ensure an exclusive territory, if asked for.

Excellent return and satisfaction :- Being a recession free sector, we guarantee an excellent return of investments, with satisfaction of service all the way.

The support :- We offer full support in training, recruitment, marketing and all the supplementary objectives of schooling, along with academics.

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Dist :- Khurda, Odisha, India.
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