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Objective about Xavier Council Of India :

The objective of “XAVIER’S COUNCIL OF INDIA” is to encourage children become contributing citizen and independent learners, thus enabling them to explore the world around, through their own method. Scientifically it is believed that, every child has a different potential to learn and contemporary learning has to nurture and educate children, to be lifelong learners. Its curriculum and pedagogical practice is an amalgamation of the best-tested-practices taken from the national and international curriculum, designed and developed up-to the mark in a demand and supply basis of education.

Our Declaration :

The organization is a Non-religious form of institution and declares to recruit and admit students of any race, color, gender, religion, nativity or ethnic origin to all its rights, privileges, program and activities as per the academic criteria.

Our Definition Of Knowledge :

In today’s world, where information is available at the click of button, children have to become knowledge assimilators and analyzers, rather than just a store house of information. The focus has to be on application of knowledge through experimentation, research and discovery.

What Is Education :

Education is the foundation on which an individual grows and a country progresses. With this belief “XAVIER’S COUNCIL OF INDIA” is providing the finest quality of education at affordable price, providing resources to research, supporting society by creating progressive thinking individuals so-also opening the doors to the wonderful world of wisdom.

The Purpose Of Education :

Education is for life, education is for building citizenship values and good characters. Education is for us to introspect that how can we make difference to our society. Education is not just for earning degrees, earning money and for financial status. Education is to live a wholesome and fuller life.

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Regional Administrative Office-237,
SaheedNagar, Bhubaneswar, PIN-751007,
Dist :- Khurda, Odisha, India.
Tele / fax - 0674-2543369,
Mob :- +91-9937928165/+91-9853553565.
Email :-
Web :- www.
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